Brazil has well defined mandatory certification schemes for electronic and electric products, as wel for radio and telecom interfaces.

INMETRO electrical safety approval

INMETRO approval usually applies for electric or electronic equipment over 50V AC or DC or in case the equipment is directly connected to the 220 V AC (50Hz) mains. Power cords also require INMETRO approval, depending on the plug types. Brazil has its own mains plug type IEC-60320-C13 (earthed) and also uses the European plug IEC-60320 C7/16. To give an example, regular AC-DC power adapters (including power cords and plugs) must be certified, however the equipment supplied with this DC voltage (e.g. 12 V DC) from the power adapter does not. Certificates can be issued to a foreign applicant. Certified products shall be marked with INMETRO logo, assigned Number and Certification Body reference. Depending on the product specification, Teleconformity can make a correct judgement of what needs to be done.

ANATEL radio and telecom approval

ANATEL Certification is required for equipment with radio and or telecom interfaces. Testing against the technical requirements will have to be carried out by an INMETRO-accredited Brazilian testing laboratory. The results will be assessed by a Certification Body (called OCD) and usually the OCD applies for certification to ANATEL. Certificates are only issued to a locally registered company. Teleconformity can provide a local company to hold your ANATEL homologation. Approved equipment shall be marked with the ANATEL registration number and GS1 UCC/EAN-128 bar code. Registration and GS1 can be handled by Teleconformity. Depending on the product specification, Teleconformity can make a correct judgement and proposal regarding the required testing program, methods and certification for market access to Brazil.

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