Product Certification
Teleconformity handles your applications for Radio and Telecom certification according to several certification schemes, inculding
International Approvals (homologation). Using our long term experience and knowledge of the latest technical requirements and procedures, Teleconformity guides you in defining testing and applying for certification. For more information about our Testing service, please check out our service and approach for Testing. Teleconformity will offer the most efficient compliance route for your specific device. Teleconformity compiles and completes your Technical Documentation and performs technical reviews before certifying. Teleconformity communicates directly with the involved bodies and authorities which works efficiently to resolve any possible issue. Our appoach will save you time, effort and money.

Please read below about our certification services for the US, Canada, Europe and Japan. The general lead-time for Radio Certification dossiers without major problems, is the 2nd day after providing the dossier (upload) until maximum 5 days, depending on the complexity of the equipment.
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FCC Certification (+ACTA)
For the US, Teleconformity follows the latest FCC regulations and procedures very close. We have experience performing assessments and obtaining certification, practically from the start of the TCB certification scheme. Teleconformity is also member of the TCB council. Due to our active involvement, Teleconformity can offer you up-to-date service. If your company is new in obtaining FCC certification, Teleconformity can obtain the necessary FRN and Grantee Code for you. In case your equipment does not require certification, Teleconformity can also guide you through the sDoC process. For line interfaces, previously called "part 68" approval, Teleconformity offers assessment and registration service (ACTA).
Read more about FCC Certification.
Canada Radio Certification (+Terminal Registration)
Innovation, Science and Economic Development of Canada (formerly called Industry Canada) has a unique, but similar regulatory and certification system as the FCC. For Radio Equipment, you can use our Radio Certification service and for line interfaces (e.g. modems) or for combined Radio/Line products (e.g. DECT phones), we also provide the Terminal Registration service. In order to certify equipment for Canada, your company must have a local representative in Canada. If your company does not have any presence in Canada, Teleconformity can offer representation. Further, your company needs to obtain a Company Number (CN), which of course can be arranged for you. Teleconformity has the specialism and experience to obtain your Certification for Canada.
Read more about Canada Certification.
RED or EMC Certification (+Report Reviews)
For the European Union (currently with its 27 member states) including the EFTA countries, Teleconformity offers full service, from selecting and offering the necessary standards applicable for your equipment, creating the Technical Documentation, obtaining a Notified Body Certification, compiling your Declaration of Conformity, regulatory texts in user manuals, packaging and labeling requirements and if required, perform notification of your equipment in each member state. On request, Teleconformity can perform Test Report Reviews without issueing a Certificate. Teleconformity has the specialism and experience to obtain your Notified Body Certificate for EMC and RED. Teleconformity is also member of the R&TTE Compliance Association. Read more about R&TTE or EMC Opinions.
Japanese Radio or TTE Certificate (+VCCI +PSE)
Your company should really consider the economic potential of the Japanese market. Teleconformity knows the compliance routes to Japan for Radio, TTE and EMC (for digital equipment), due to many years of experience. This includes Japan Performance Certification for Weak Power Radios and Radio Receivers, VCCI (EMC) and PSE (Safety). Teleconformity has experience working with MIC, VCCI and other parties in Japan. Teleconformity can tell you exactly the requirements for your device, get you the standards and provide translation service if desired. Teleconformity performs all technical assessments, and you can communicate with us in English. This will dramatically shorten the time to market. Teleconformity has the specialism and experience to obtain your MIC CAB Certification for the Radio and Business Law.
Read more about Japan Certification.
Other Countries of the World
Teleconformity also delivers international approval services (homologation) for most other countries. For a complete list of countries supported, please take a look at our Country Approval service and countries covered.

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