About Us
Teleconformity is an independent company, dedicated to assist companies in the Electronics, IT and Radio & Telecommunication Industry with obtaining regulatory Certificates and Approvals required to place products on the market. Teleconformity is specialized in Radio, Telecom, EMC and Safety certification, and manages your FCC, Industry Canada, European RED/EMC/LVD and Japanese MIC ("TELEC, JATE") certification as well as approvals for most other countries (worldwide). We are your one-stop consulting, certification and approval partner.
Our experience ranges from WLAN (802.11b/g/n/a/ac), Bluetooth (802.15.1), ZigBee (802.15.4), UWB (802.15.3), WiMAX (802.16), SRD, DECT, RFID, GSM, WCDMA (+HSDPA/HSUPA), LTE, UHF/VHF, WHDI and more. Besides radio equipment, Teleconformity also handles analog or digital equipment and line interfaces such as PSTN, xDSL, xRI. The products we are mostly working with are basestations, client adapters, laptops, cordless phones, baby monitors, cellulars, radars, sensors, scanners, receivers, immobilizers, remote controls, etc. Modern products incorporate not often one, but a variety of co-existing technologies. »»
In order to stay highly informed about the latest developments, Teleconformtiy liases with several organizations in this sector, for example with the TCB council, RED Compliance Association, the IEEE EMC society. See our overview of our liaisons and memberships. »»
Certificates & Approvals
Obtaining Certification and Approvals is often the last mile stone in development, however a very important one. Being well prepared can save your product launch, and in the end, make a big difference in success. Once prototypes and documentation are available, Teleconformity will manage and obtain all necessary certificates and approvals for you, providing good feedback and progress reporting. »»
Teleconformity offers testing by an independent and highly effcient approach, resulting in budget effective proposals. »»
Regulatory Research
Teleconformity also can determine all applicable regulatory requirements and standards that your (newly developed) products must meet in order to successfully obtain certification or approval in each country you target. If required, for example with brand new technologies or specific equipment, Teleconformity can perform market requirement research for you. As a result, we deliver an investigation report to you that will support you to make the right choices upfront. »»
Teleconformity is a reliable party. With more than years hands-on experience in the field of Radio, Telecom, EMC and Safety certification, including country approvals worldwide, we will guide you with our knowledge. You are very welcome!

We will be pleased to assist you with your questions or inquiries, please contact us.